Tommy Won a 50 Freestyle Swimming Race Yesterday. He had his Hip Reconstructed 10 Weeks ago…

All they had to do was reshape the top of his femur, and regroove his pelvis.
All it took was breaking the bone and screwing back together in a better place.
The process left his hip flexor (psoas) muscle cut completely through and just to top it off, he had a labrum that needed repairing.
That was 10 weeks ago.
Here is a video of Tommy WINNING a 50 freestyle event at his most recent swim meet.
(This is a powerful race requiring rapid and powerful HIP FLEXION and EXTENSION)
Here is the behind the scenes story:
Tommy had surgery on August 7th.
Before the surgery, Tommy’s parents contacted Bill Knowles from isport in Virginia. Bill is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and an ATC. Bill flew to St .Louis and discharged Tommy from the hospital the day after his surgery.
At home with Bill, Tommy worked with a stim machine (activating muscle fiber without a load) and he got him up and moving immediately. Working on walking and gait right away, Tommy also spent a large amount of time in the pool where movement was free and only lightly resisted.
Dr. Lytle from Precision Health Group came next. Tommy had some nasty adhesion in the hips due to the procedure (and inactivity). Without precisely administered soft tissue work, that adhesion would all but stop the rehab process. Dr. Lytle made sure that didn’t happen.
Three weeks after surgery, Tommy was in Emerge twice a week. Hip strengthening and core stability began immediately, all working around the obvious instability in the repaired hip. Tommy progressed fast. He very quickly added loads to his exercises comparable to his pre op totals. His core is more stable than it’s ever been, allowing him to produce max force through a compromised hip.
All of this had to happen this way, in this order. The initial rehab, to the soft tissue work, to the strengthening phase all were a planned, TEAM effort.
I am very proud of what Tommy has done this far, and look forward to see what he’s capable of in the future!
It’s Your Turn. Emerge.
Matt Pirtle MA CSCS