YOU Need Corrective Exercise! Why?……

Corrective exercise is the new trend in fitness training. It seems like all training businesses have begun to offer this service.
Corrective exercise is starting to be as confusing as the idea of “functional” training was 5 years ago.
So what is corrective exercise, really…
Is foam rolling and stretching corrective exercise? No. These are both potential tools to help prep for corrective exercise. They may or may not be needed based on the clients needs. If they are needed, they are targeted to very specific muscle groups. “General” full body stretching and foam rolling is not corrective exercise, and it may actually diminish a clients performance.
The process starts with a diagnosis. Finding out what hurts (from the trainee) and a movement analysis is a good start. Then, corrective exercise is a prescription STRENGTH workout. The workout is designed to correct posture imbalances and movement issues due poor muscular coordination and/or weakness.
This involves a very precise selection of exercises with the appropriate load.
There are no “corrective” exercises. An exercise may be corrective for one client and damaging to another. Identifying what is to be corrected is tough. The design and implementation of the program is really tough. Without respect to all the variables and moving parts, corrective exercise will not work and may do further harm.
There does seem to be a common need among those needing corrective exercise (everyone), and that’s core stability. Without stability in the trunk, it’s impossible to efficiently transfer force across the body. This normally opens the door to movement compensations and (eventually) injury. A great core stability exercise that’s tough if done WELL is the “stir the pot” exercise on a ball. Here is a video of that exercise done well with two other stability exercises.
Those in need if corrective exercise aren’t only the clients who are rehabbing. Almost ALL clients are in need of some form of corrective. If you’re a good athlete, you may be a great athlete just waiting to hit your potential. Corrective exercise can help an athlete realize that. Every athlete I have ever trained has been a corrective exercise candidate.
At the end of the day, the goal is to move optimally , being as efficient and pain free as possible.
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Matt Pirtle MA CSCS