Think Squatting Deep is Child's Play?

A large, internationally known company recently posted this picture in their employee newsletter.
This should say, “so easy, ONLY an untrained baby could do it.”
Ideally, sitting in a deep squat to pick up something (or play with something effortlessly like a child) would be the expectation of all human adults.
Unfortunately, this is not reality.
Most of us spend A LOT of time sitting. In a chair. In the car. On the coach. At the computer. This keeps our hip flexors in a shortened position, affecting our posture by limiting the mobility of our hips.
Compounding this is the fact that most people have varying degrees of forward shoulder and head posture.
The result? A body that has NO CHANCE of squatting that deep, safely.
This in no way is trying to say that, ideally, that would be the best lifting and squatting position. What this IS trying to say is that reality won’t support this request of deep squatting for the masses.
This is not to say one can NEVER again squat safely to this depth. With very targeted mobility and strengthening exercises, over time this MAY be a reality. For the vast majority of people, it will never be.
So, when lifting, keep your spine in a neutral curve, get as much flexion out of your knees and hips (while keeping your neutral curve), and lift with the emphasis on your HIPS. Don’t worry about depth, think about keeping yourself locked in a mechanically safe position.
It’s your turn. Emerge.
Matt Pirtle MA CSCS