Body Building vs. Strength Training

Pound for pound, the biggest guy in the gym usually isn’t the strongest. Everyone has seen him…that guy with biceps bigger than my thighs and veins popping out of every inch of their body. If I had to decide who was “stronger” between the big guy leg pressing every 45 lb weight plate found in the gym or a smaller guy power cleaning or snatching his body weight plus some, my money would be on the smaller guy. There is a huge difference between strength training and body building.
Body building exercises generally isolate one joint and only a few muscles per repetition. Whereas, a power or Olympic movement involves more than one joint which results in greater muscle recruitment and strength gains. According to Eric Cressey, a very well known strength and conditioning coach, there are six main reasons why strength training beats body building nine times out of ten.
1. More time efficient
2. More useful in the real world
3. More motivating
4. A faster way to build muscle mass
5. Better for your health and longevity
6. A better way to build self confidence
For more information on why strength training is the better option, just ask any Emerge trainer.
Kathryn CSCS, CES