The Story of Emerge

The Story of Emerge.
Angie and I started our training careers over 12 years ago, on the same day, at 24 Hour Fitness.
On a side note, if it weren’t for 24 Hour Fitness, none of this would have happened. It was a great place to start and I thank them for that.
We opened Emerge Fitness almost six years later. …a week after we got married. We started pretty humbly. We had a modest 2300 square foot office space above a shop that sold balloon sculptures. The balloon lady didn’t like us. She would repeatedly beat our floor with a broom when we were too loud. The next door neighbor would complain about the music constantly.
We dealt. We started with 3 trainers. Myself, Angie, and Beth Pirtle opened the doors the first day. Very soon after, we had reason to celebrate as Jason Tokun and Debi Westhues joined us.
We had new equipment, but not a lot of it. We didn’t have anything resembling a reception area, and we had three small bathrooms. Our office could fit maybe three adults in it, and our rickety desk was purchased at target and put together by yours truly. We relied on our exceptional training skills and customer service to wow our customers. And it did. We added Adam Kulp and Kimberly Renoud within a year and a half. These two tried and true trainers helped grow the business quickly.
Our reputation began to be well known. We were a VERY strong, educated, well rounded training staff. We attracted the attention of the St. Louis Rams and began to train many of their athletes, and spent some time at the Rams training facility as functional training consultants. Three years later we opened a facility down the road that was approximately 3x as large as our original space. We added three skilled trainers immediately, including performance coach Matt Wirth, and continued to grow. Now, six and half years into business, we still rely on the same things that made us successful in the early days. Exceptional customer service and highly educated, career trainers and coaches are our focus. We have a few more toys at our disposal now, and our facility is much more impressive, but this is nothing compared to the strength of our staff.
Emerge is growing still. We are planning the next Emerge as we speak. We are developing the next generation of Emerge trainers through internship programs, and are attracting the BEST in the business to join our staff. We have partnered with some of the brightest in the fitness industry, like Dr. Matthew Lytle at Precision Health Group. The synergy of these partnerships continues to help Emerge service our clients with the BEST available resources. The addition of Taylor Dalby, Jess Baker, Kathryn St. George and Sophia Galati has made this the strongest Emerge team ever.
THANK YOU ALL for making this possible. It has been a wonderful 6.5 years, and this is solely from the support of our clients and our community. We promise to continue to offer the best in the industry fitness coaching, and hope to have the chance to continue to serve (or have a chance to serve) you and your fitness goals in the future!
It’s your turn. Emerge.
Matt Pirtle MA CSCS