"Yeah, but"

Client: “Dr. Oz said I need to take this supplement to reduce my cholesterol.”
Me: “You’ve never mentioned to me that you have high cholesterol.”
Client: “Oh I don’t, but I thought I’d do it anyways.”
Client: “I saw some workouts in a magazine I thought looked pretty cool. Can we do them today?” (shows me pictures of girls doing kipping pull-ups and clean and jerks)
Me: “You do understand that you are coming back from rotator cuff surgery, right?”
I get it. Diet and Exercise can be extremely confusing these days. One day it’s “Do this” and a week later it’s “Don’t do this.” Continuing education in fitness is always contradicting itself. One research study will show one result and in 6 months, the statistics completely change. It can be complicating, it can be frustrating. Why do you think so many people hang out on the cardio equipment this time of year? They feel “safe” sticking with the elliptical or treadmill.
Here’s the biggest piece of information I can give you about diet and exercise: It isn’t black and white. It’s a very blurred, color filled lifestyle.
A trainer can put together a workout with all of the latest exercises that will make you tired and make you sweat.
A great trainer will put together a plan, catered for YOU based on YOUR specific needs/wants that will get YOU the results YOU want.  See a trend here?
Also, as a client, you should get used to hearing the phrase “yeah, but.” Because everything you read in fitness has a “yeah, but” that is left out of the article.
For example: “Don’t do deadlifts”. Ok, what they mean is “Don’t do deadlifts with an insurmountable weight.” But most people just see “Don’t do deadlifts.” So they come to us and say “This article said not to do deadlifts.” ENTER “YEAH, BUT”: Do you pick stuff up off the ground? The majority of the time you are doing a deadlift movement. You aren’t going to stop picking stuff up off the ground, so I need to teach you the proper mechanics of how to pick it up properly.  It may be a tennis ball, or a 5-10lb weight, etc. but you still have to learn functional mechanics just to get thru the day without grabbing your lower back.
The next time you’re reading a magazine, a blog, or you see an interesting “Pin” on Pinterest, ask yourself if it pertains to you. Does it fall in alignment with your wants/needs? And by all means, bring it up with your trainer.  We’d rather you discuss it with us BEFORE you attempt it.
Kimberly Renoud, BS, ACE, NASM, CES, PESEmerge Fitness Trainingdumbbells