Endurance Athletes! It's Time to Add Strength Training to Your Regimen

Endurance athletes!
By now you’ve probably heard of the potential benefits of strength training as part of your endurance training regimen. A stable core and powerful hips will help any athlete perform better by increasing speed and optimizing movement efficiency.
If you’re resisting adding strength training into your training, consider this.
Strength training is different from hypertrophy training (bodybuilding).
The goal of strength training is to get the most out of the EXISTING musculature. The change comes from the optimization of your NEURAL connection to the muscle you currently have. The more motor units in a muscle you have firing, at a faster rate, the stronger you will be.
So, unlike hypertrophy training (which aims at increasing the size of a muscle fiber) strength training won’t add a lot of unwanted weight that an endurance athlete has to carry with them.
It’s all about RELATIVE strength. That’s basically how much horsepower you have in your engine versus your total bodyweight. You can effectively increase this horsepower without adding to the weight of your “engine.”
If you’d like more information on how to construct a strength program geared at endurance athletes (or bodyweight dependent sports), contact an emerge coach at info@emergetraining.com
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Matt Pirtle MA CSCS