Are you ready for the side plank?

The anatomy of a side plank.
A side plank is a very precise, very DIFFICULT exercise to master.
Most of the time when I witness a side plank, what I am seeing is an exerciser doing EVERYTHING they can just to stay off the ground. Most contort their body in an effort just to stay up.
Side planks, done well, are more than just staying off the ground.
When side planking, the body must be in perfect, neutral alignment. The ear in line with the shoulder, the shoulder with the hip, the hip with the knee, and the knee with the ankle.
When assuring this perfect neutral alignment, the challenge to the core is very high.
In addition, the hip muscles, especially the glute medius, are challenged to a great degree.
When adding to the side plank to your exercise regimen, make certain that you can hold a neutral position for at least 10 seconds. If you cannot, this exercise will be full of compensations. This will do nothing for performance and will actually encourage faulty
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