Jessica: from the surgical table, to crutches, to walking deadlifts in 8 weeks!
Here is the video documentary of her 8 weeks:

Over the last couple of years, my training emphasis has taken a decidedly functional focus, with specific attention to efficient athletic movement and rehabilitation/ restorative post surgery strength building.
Some of the most rewarding experiences I have had during this time have been working with post hip surgery clients who have had procedures performed to correct hip dysplasia, which involves reshaping both the femoral head (leg bone) and pelvic groove (hip bone). This procedure is fairly invasive and involves holding the restructured bone together with large screws.
I have had the pleasure of working with 4 of these cases since last August.
The following video documents Jessica’s post surgical journey at Emerge.
I want to thank both Bill Knowles and Dr. Matthew Lytle. Bill taught me some of the integral concepts of this post surgical protocol, and Dr. Lytle was a key team member that, without his services, the quick recovery would never be possible.
Matt Pirtle MA CSCS
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