Emerge will be a retail site for Metabolic Meals starting June 13th.
We will be offering meals a la carte, allowing you to sample and enjoy your favorite recipes.
Metabolic Meals combines gluten free, organic ingredients with cutting-edge nutritional knowledge to create meals that improve health, fat loss & performance.
ALWAYS prepared with fresh,
all-natural whole foods
ALWAYS gluten-free
ALWAYS prepared with Superfoods:
Grass Fed Proteins
Free Range Eggs
All-natural Poultry
Wild-caught Fish
Low Allergenic Grains
Antioxidant-rich Fruits
Fiber-dense Vegetables
NEVER frozen or freeze-dried
NEVER prepared with cheap or substandard ingredients:
No high fructose corn syrup
No hydrogenated oils (transfats)
No artificial ingredients
No soy
For more information:
It’s Your Turn. Emerge.