Master the basic plank before going circus act

Master basic plank technique before adding “bells and whistles.”
Most planking technique I witness has one of 3 major flaws:
1) unstable neck (you can see head dropping or looking up)
2) upper back (thoracic) rounding
3) hips too high (hip flexor involvement)
Planking with these strategies will, at best, guarantee you no progress. Most likely, they will lead to injury.
Don’t focus as much on circus-style planking exercises. Remember, the point of a planking exercise is to maintain a NEUTRAL and STABLE spine. If you’re truly concerned with improving health and performance, master basic planking technique and enjoy the results!
PS: keep individual planks no longer than 20 seconds. As you get stronger do MORE, shorter planks. Consider adding resistance (instead of planking longer, which inevitably leads to muscle compensations)
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