That plank is a hot mess

That plank is a hot mess…
I’ve had an epiphany as of late regarding core exercise.
It’s popular to see “functional” core exercises online lately, including planks with rows, presses, rotations and a host of other movements. The intent is to increase the “functionality” of the exercise.
The result (most of the time) is a disaster of an exercise.
When it’s appropriate, progressions of basic exercises are a must to continue seeing results. I program into my clients workouts advanced multi planar core exercises all the time. But only when they are absolutely ready.
I appreciate challenges.
However, flailing around with a heavy dumbbell in what can only be called a distant cousin of a plank is not going to yield results. It’s going to get you hurt.
So, go back to the basics but perform them REALLY WELL.
I’m talking about planks on your forearms in a PERFECT neutral spine. Try reaching one arm out in front of you while keeping your hips from moving AT ALL.
This basic core exercise is very hard to master.
Plus, it will actually to what it’s supposed to do, train your core to stabilize your trunk.
Keep it simple. Master the basics. Leave the “bells and whistles” out of your core exercise until you’ve conquered the pure version of the movement.
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