Client Spotlight: Mary Jo

Meet client Mary Jo. Mary Jo came to me a few months ago as a referral from a current lady that I train. Her goals were very simple as she wanted to increase her current fitness level while losing weight in the process. When I sat her down the first time to go over my game plan she was very intimidated by the gym (which in my mind is typically fear of the unknown of all of the different tools a gym has to offer). I explained to her that the program that we were going to do together was based on a series of progressions and if she could stay committed to her goals and trust in my abilities to help her that any goal she could think of was not far out of reach. After only a short time there have been significant improvements in her balance, stability, mobility, strength and endurance. To date, she is now down 20lbs and 16 inches lost. It has been a great enjoyment to myself to train you so far Mary Jo and I can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store for you! We make an awesome team!
Taylor D.
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