If it works for you, do it!

Bigger, Stronger, FASTER!
This is unusual for me.
I’m writing an article based on anecdotal evidence, based solely on my experience alone. No EMG studies, no double blind university research. JUST my experience.
I’ve started my fitness career as a bodybuilder. I cared about nothing but aesthetics. I did whatever it took to look bigger and leaner.
I competed in 5 shows, taking first place in one and top 6 in the rest.
Following the bodybuilding phase, I’ve focused both on strength and function, a mix of powerlifting and multi planar movement training. My core lifts were strong, and my ability to move in every direction was good.
Through these phases, which spanned over a decade, I have had good results in both strength and size (hypertrophy). In fact, regardless of the phase, I was pretty much the SAME size and strength the entire time.
I wasn’t unhappy about this. I was strong and big (relatively) the whole time.
About a year ago, I decided I was bored with body part training and classic strength training protocols.
I decided, intuitively, to begin training with only compound movements, involving the whole body, EVERYDAY.
No more leg day. No more back day. ONLY whole body days.
The results have been fantastic.
I am bigger and stronger than I have ever been. I work every single muscle every single day (with a slight change in emphasis on anterior/ posterior body). I often superset two large opposing compound movements (like a barbell deadlift and a weighted pull-up).
There is very little research supporting this type of program design.
For me. It works very well.
Moral of the story? Science is a foundation for strength and conditioning, but to find what works best for you, test MANY different modes of program design until you find one that best suits you.
Matt P
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