Declining Fitness with age is a choice, not an affliction!

On average, people have a 2-4% decline in metabolic rate EVERY decade after the age if 25.
The average resting metabolic rate at age 25 is 1500 calories per day.
At 35, that number drops to 1400.
At 55, that number drops to 1200.
What does that mean in terms of weight gain? Approximately 31 pounds over that 30 year period.
At the same time, the average muscle mass loss is approximately 5 pounds per 10 years. That’s 15 pounds of muscle by the age of 55!
The good news?
The metabolic loss is most likely a result of the muscle loss, which IS NOT AGE DEPENDENT, but is rather LIFESTYLE dependent.
High intensity exercise can stave off muscle mass loss, and hence the loss of metabolic rate.
So, make exercise part of your lifestyle now to avoid weight gain and health problems in the future.
It’s Your Turn. Emerge.