One of the BEST parts of embarking on a new healthy lifestyle is the anticipation of change.
I was speaking with an Emerge client a couple of months ago, and I told him how envious I was of his position, on the verge of making huge changes in his fitness level, physique, and overall health.
The onset of a new fitness program can be daunting, for certain. Adopting a brand new way of LIVING takes dedication and a belief in the intangible. All you have to go on at this point is the promise of change.
What makes up for this seemingly insurmountable mountain of a task is the absolute joy of seeing your body and general health change. These changes happen the quickest and most dramatically in the early stages of a lifestyle change. From physique changes, to higher energy levels, to more impressive performances on runs and so on, these transformations are awesome to witness.
Eventually, changes start to slow due to genetics, available training time, etc. But for the first several months to a year or so, amazing things can happen fairly quickly.
That’s what I’m envious of. The chance to make those dramatic changes. It is incredibly exciting and definitely worth the trials of changing your lifestyle to achieve it. I really LOVE seeing those changes in those who have made the decision to change their lifestyle.
The idea of “becoming” something greater really appeals to me.
Sometimes I wish I could do it all over again. Crazy but true.
Matt P.
It’s Your Turn. Emerge. — at Emerge Fitness Training.