I trained Jill Ryan this morning and said, “I’m so amazed every time we train how much stronger you are now compared 1 1/2 years ago when you first started”. Jill came to Emerge in January of 2012 with disc herniations of L4 and L5. She had a lot of limitations when we first started training. We also had a few setbacks in the beginning trying to find her threshold. Within a few months of training, she began seeing Dr Lytle at Precision Health for ART. That combined with her restorative strength program with me was a game changer in her progress. Today we have stabilized her spine and increased core strength and she no longer has chronic back and hip pain. Jill woke up every morning with hip pain and anyone who has back problems can relate to this. As of January 2014 we started a gluten/wheat free diet that has also made a significant change in her hip and back pain by reducing inflammation. It’s such an amazing accomplishment when a trainer and client have graduated from the restorative training and moved on to strength and conditioning. Disc herniations will always be there but Jill and I both know her thresholds. She also trains with Adam Kulp once a week and takes Taylor Dalby’s boot camps on Friday mornings. Jill has come a long way and has been a very patient client every step of the way.
Angie Pirtle
It’s Your Turn. Emerge.
Jill Ryan