Kathryn's Nephew

Start ’em young! Check out my nephew, Wyatt, knock out some assisted pull-ups. Most kids don’t see gym equipment for what it is or as “torture devices” as some of my clients would say. It is a huge playground for them. I’m not saying to have the little ones do some dead lifts and box squats but fun body weight movements such as pull-ups, rope climbs, ladder drills, etc are all great ideas and they love it. Starting healthy habits at a young age is a great idea as long as proper programming is implemented. My #1 rule with any client I have is to have fun but especially with my little ones. For more information on youth training contact me at 314-775-6111 or at kathryn@emergetraining.com
Kathryn’s Nephew
– Kathryn BS, CSCS, CES