Remember Dawn!

She’s now 70 pounds lighter and progressing steadily in her health and fitness program.  If you’ve been following Dawns progress in the past two years you know that Dawn’s way of eating has been periodically altered to suit whatever her lifestyle commands, staying ever focused on healthy, fit food choices with some occasional indulgences.  She’s persistent in her “realistic” cardiovascular workouts and is “accountable” to her workouts X 3 and weigh in each week at Emerge.

In the past several months, Dawn has added an additional motivator to her desire to stay healthy and fit – meet Al, Dawn’s other half and partner in her pursuit of a healthy, fit lifestyle.  Al has lost 80 pounds and recently started partner training with Dawn at Emerge on Wednesday evenings.   Together, they are not only working out but running 5Ks.

-Beth Pirtleimage1