10k A Day Challenge 2015

10k a Day Challenge 2015

As February rolls around, winter has shown its ugly face a while and New Year Resolutions start to crumble. We find that people become more sedentary this month than any other!
Good News! Emerge is going to help change that

Beginning February 1st, we will be hosting the 10k a day challenge. What that means is that for the entire month of February, you must average 10,000 steps a day. Once you report all of your steps and you have completed the challenge, you will receive your own 10k a day t-shirt!

So grab a pedometer and sign up today!


To be eligible, you must train at emerge at least once a week for the entire month (boot camps, group classes included)

All steps must be reported via email, text message or at the gym.

Weekly reports via Fitbit or other tracking devices will be accepted, averaging out steps in a 7 day period.

For questions or to sign up email Kimberly@Emergetraining.com