What's Your Reason?


nicole-reasonWe notice you.
We notice you taking strides in a long run.
We notice you pressing that barbell above your head.
We notice you deadlifting a large amount of weight.
We notice sweat pouring off of your face after an intense race.
We notice you collapsing to the floor because you’re physically beat.
We notice you “high-fiving” your trainer after a session.

But Why? Why are you pushing yourself so hard?
Everyone has THEIR OWN story; a purpose for doing what he or she is doing.
They Have a Reason.
For 2015, Emerge is running a “What’s Your Reason” campaign. We want to highlight you, the client, and promote what YOUR reason is for exercising.
Over the next year you will see photos of Emerge clients in action, showing WHY they are at Emerge along with what their reason is for being there.
We invite you to join us.
So we ask you: What’s Your Reason?