"Training on the nerve"

“Training on the nerve,” is training with high intensity with max effort. This intensity is a must for any athlete looking to better themselves.
But what happens when you train like this ALL the time?
“Overtraining” is a fairly common occurrence in motivated individuals. Training at max intensity in every single training session will undoubtedly lead to an overtrained state. There are a host of physical and psychological problems related to overtraining.
Recovery is absolutely necessary for gains in strength, performance, size or any other goal a trainee is trying to achieve.
As a strength coach, I am constantly preaching this, but find it admittedly difficult to follow myself. When gains and motivation start to slow and injuries start to creep in, you cannot argue with the need for down time.
This is a great article on the subject of training on the nerve too often and subsequent overtraining symptoms.
Do you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself?
It’s Your Turn. Emerge.
-Matt P.
Muscle Nerve Fatigue & Overtraining