Super Bowl Snacking That Won't Break The Scale

Super Bowl Snacking That Won’t Break The Scale


Super Bowl is this Sunday and the foods that we eat during the game are not always the healthiest.  I’ll never be the one to tell you to not enjoy the tasty things in life, but here are a few tips you can
use to shave off a few calories.

  1. Replace sour cream with Greek yogurt.  So many recipes ask for sour cream when unflavored Greek yogurt can be easily substituted. Making this small change will decrease your calories, decrease your saturated fats, AND INCREASE your protein intake.
  2. Chips: Whether it be tortilla or potato, chips can add a lot of empty calories. Make those calories worthwhile by choosing baked or cooked in healthy oils. Whole grain chips may have a few more calories, but they will also have more protein and fiber which will satiate you much faster.
  3. Dips: Skip the bean dip and go for more nutrient dense ones like guacamole or hummus. You’ll get much healthier fats which can keep you fuller, longer. (Also good for the skin!)
  4. Wings: I will be the first to say I LOVE wings, and to me Super Bowl= Wings. However, if you bake them or fix them in a crock pot, you’re saving your stomach a lot of wear and tear from the yucky grease!
  5. Pizza: Have a piece… Have two… But if it’s loaded with toppings, pick off a few. HOWEVER, with every piece you have, also have 8oz of water. You’ll get full so much faster.
  6. Vegetables: Load up on them. Incorporate them in EVERYTHING. Pile them on your plate, that way when you’re subconsciously noshing away while watching a commercial, you’re not grabbing empty calories.

Kimberly Renoud, BS, CPT
Emerge Fitness Training