10K A Day Challenge

It’s the beginning of our 10k a day Challenge! We have over 40 clients participating! This week is a great trial week for you to find out exactly how many steps you take during an average day. Most of the time people over estimate by 4000 steps! SO> Now is the time to get the facts straight. And get moving!
The weather in February is very unpredictable and can be very cold and icy. Here are some tips to get in those steps:
Park further away from your office, store, school, etc. Those steps add up fast!
Use the stairs. Even if you are only on the 2nd floor, take 15 minutes to go up and down the stairs. Not only will you get steps in, but you’ll get in some great endurance work for your legs!
Walk the malls. St. Louis has shopping malls all over! Spend the afternoon taking a few laps around one. Since the holidays are over, shopping malls are pretty empty this time of year.
EMERGE. Even though we don’t allow people to come in to solely use our cardio, you ARE more than welcome to come in and use them before/after your session. 30 minutes can add 3000 steps!
Take a class! A boot camp of mine can rack up around 1200-1800 steps in less than an hour. Combine that with cardio and you have more than half of your daily requirements!
House chores. You will be surprised how many steps you take when you vacuum!
Walk your dog. They will love you for it! Don’t have a dog? I will gladly loan you mine. And she gives the best kisses.
Kimberly Renoud, BS, CPT
Emerge Fitness Training