A Client Testimonial by Jessica Willoughby

At 37 years old I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and a labral tear in my left hip.  I am an active mom of three, but within months walking became extremely painful.  I underwent PAO surgery in February 2014 where they cut an repositioned my hip socket.  I had my femur reshaped and the labrum cartilage tear repaired.  I was in Emerge Fitness rehabbing with Matt Pirtle 9 days post surgery.  Matt’s interest, compassion, knowledge, and experience got me through the hardest days of my life! With the teamwork of Dr. Lytle, we worked hard and I quickly progressed.  Since then I have continued training with Matt and I feel amazing! He has taught me about nutrition, weight loss, staying motivated, and exercising safely to strengthen my hip and body using correct form.  Not to mention how to do a perfect plank! I will use this knowledge for a lifetime.  This has been an amazing journey and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Matt and Dr. Lytle! Thank you so much for giving me a bright future!
Jessica Willoughby