Emerge Running & Triathlon Team

So excited to announce that the official Emerge Running and Triathlon Training Team will launch this June!!!! The team is designed for all of our Emerge runners and triathletes, from the experienced racers to the very beginners, to have an environment where you can...

Think Positive!

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” Happy Wednesday Morning! ‪#‎emergefitness‬ ‪#‎itsyourturn‬

All about the balance

It is so important to have balance in your workouts! No matter how strong and powerful you are, you need to have control, stability, and coordination. Chris has been introducing core control exercises into his workouts that have improved his overall strength and...

Saturday SmartFit!

8am Saturday morning SmartFit. Where you at?! These ladies started their weekends off with a bang!! Today was a lung burning workout designed to wake the entire body up!!!! Make sure to check out the SmartFit schedule so you don’t miss our next class.

It's not always about the scale

This is the difference only 8lbs can make. Picture #1 was taken at our fido event in December, picture #2 was last night at small group training. Many times people focus so hard on the scale to see/feel results of hard work and cleaner eating. Kristen is a walking...