Keep It Up Rickie!

Rickie has been working hard for her upcoming basketball tryouts at Incarnate Word Academy.
If you’re from St. Louis and you’re familiar with basketball then you know that IWA is the powerhouse of basketball.
Throughout Rickie’s training over the years we would occasionally discuss what her goals are and how she was going to achieve them. We both agreed that it would take hard work, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice.

Rickie has done all of those things and more.
To attend and play for IWA has always been one of her goals. The amount of pride I have for her cannot be put into words. I know Rickie is going to do amazing things on and off the court with her nitty-gritty work ethic.
Awesome job, Rickie! ‪#‎emergestrong‬
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– Kathryn BS, CSCS, CES, PNL1, USAWL-L1
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