Special Shout Out to Theresa!!

It’s Friday! AND we are due for another client spotlight that demonstrates both hard work and the correct fitness formula.
Theresa Sextro, come on down! You are the next winner in the world of fitness!! It has been one year since Theresa walked through the doors of Emerge with pain in her shoulder that had her contemplating surgery. After getting her functional rehab program started, and all but eliminating the original shoulder pain, she decided it was time to work on her overall health. So in March, the program switched up to emphasize on weight loss. After 9 months of hard work – coming in 3x a week, complimenting with walk/running at home, and sensible nutrition – she has lost over 40 lbs and 25 cumulative inches!!!!

She now RUNS in 5k races when they first seemed intimidating just to participate.
She considers mediums when out t-shirt shopping.
She has grown to enjoy and look forward to her tough strength-based workouts, when she initially loathed them.
You have truly evolved during this time Theresa to represent success in fitness, I’m proud of you!
We all look forward to your next update. But for now, it’s back to work…
theresa sextro before theresa sextro currently