Great Job Alyce!!

Shout out to Alyce! In the past nine months Alyce has lost close to 30 pounds, 30% body fat, more than 30 inches total over her body, has gained muscle, strength, and energy, and has learned so much in how to make healthy choices outside of the gym! Alyce is a...

Quest Products are Restocked!!

Restocked! Stop by Emerge to pick up your favorite Quest Bars! Also check out our newest product, Quest Protein Powder! (Available in canisters and individual packs)  

Teaching the Young Ones about Fitness!

Emerge in the community. Emerge was at Borromeo Catholic grade school educating about nutrition and fitness today. Emerge trainer Sefton Hale delivered an interactive presentation.

Way to Go Susan!!

The journey to health and fitness is not always a smooth path. Many start out the new year with a goal or resolution, convincing themselves that “this will be the year I make it happen.” But shortly, they find the old habits of every day life reeling them...

Kids Camp Returns!!

You asked for it! We’ve had such a positive response from our Kids Camps, so this February, Emerge will be offering a 4 week class that will be held every Saturday at 9am. The cost is $40 for all 4 weeks. Parents, don’t feel left out, because while the...