Help us welcome Emerge’s newest coach, Jeremy Bauer.
He’s new to Emerge but has been training for over 10 years!
“I came to physical fitness through a personal desire to lose weight and get in shape after struggling with childhood obesity.”

Prior to entering the fitness world I weighed over 300lbs. With hard work, dedication and committing myself to research and fitness education I lost over 100 lbs without assistance.
Once I lost the weight, I traveled to Florida where I studied at the National Personal Training Institute where I completed 500 hours of training including nutrition, exercise design, anatomy and physiology.
After which I returned to St. Louis and began training at 24Hour Fitness.
My desire is to teach people that there is no magic to achieving their fitness goals; only the willingness to change their lifestyle. Using a well designed holistic fitness plan, that includes nutritional advice, they can see success with hard work, commitment and a little bit of fun; a desire that stems from my journey.
My personal experiences drive me to constantly research new techniques that allow me to tailor unique workouts for each of my clients. While weight loss is certainly a professional strength, I have excelled at training a variety of clients from child athletes to clients looking for post physical therapy and chronic pain management.
After 10 years, over 10,000 sessions and achieving Master Trainer status I decided to leave the corporate world and join the Emerge team.
jeremy bauer