Drew and Carter Mize prepare for the baseball season

Meet Drew and Carter. Both brothers who play baseball for Zumwalt West. They both play for great organizations during summer ball as well. Drew plays for the Gamers and Carter for the Prospects! Both came to me looking for strength and power. Drew has trained just about 2 months longer than his brother but both have had extremely great results. Drew has put on 16lbs and has decreased his time in his 40 yard sprint. Carter has put on 12 lbs and also has decreased his 40 yard sprint as well. Drew being 15 years old is competing with players at the 17u level with his bat speed and Carter has been scouted by several colleges in his Jr year, being asked to attend different showcases. With several sessions under our belt together we have definitely made headway going into their upcoming try outs and season for high school. I love seeing results and the intensity from these student athletes! Keep up the great work guys!