Meet Kasey, she has been training with me for a little under 2 years and last spring she came in with wonderful news that they were expecting baby #2!!
We continued her program with a shift in focus, get as strong as we can to make delivery as easy as possible. She stayed with it until 3 weeks before her due date, and I can assure you she was glad she did!
Labor was a breeze (well as much as it can be). From the first contraction to meeting little Leighton it was just under 3 hours!!! The crazy part? Due to how strong she stayed,Kasey only had to do 2 rounds of pushing that lasted only 4 1/2 minutes!!!

Kasey looks better than ever and we are back at it, gaining strength and endurance to be able to chase these 2 little ones around and to help keep all of us protected as a police officer!
Amazing job Kasey! I’m more than impressed with you, and cannot wait to see where we can go from here!! Congrats again!