After 6 weeks

At 6.5 weeks out of major hip surgery, we’ve found a new use for Jen’s crutch. #restorativestrength #backtowalking #itsyourturn #emergestrong

Meet Carin

She tries every task at hand with a smile! Suffering from pretty severe arthritis in pretty much in every joint, she is able to move with less pain and stiffness because of her workouts! As always, keep it up Carin! -Jess

Why are you box jumping, exactly?

If you’re jumping on tall boxes to be better at jumping on tall boxes, keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy being a skin donor from time to time. If you’re jumping on boxes to improve athletic performance, you should follow these simple tips. 1)...

Emerge Athletes Raising the Bar

A huge round of applause to Emerge athletes Rachel Beaudoin, Aimee Freiner, and Mary Freiner for proving how hard work in the offseason leads to championship level results! All three girls trained with me in the off and preseasons to make sure their senior year of...