Hiring a Fitness Professional?

Considering hiring a fitness professional to assist you in achieving your goals?
I have been in the fitness training business for 15 years both as a trainer and as a training manager. Ive found that the most successful trainers have some things in common.
When searching for a trainer, be sure to consider these things.

1) Does the person LOVE fitness? Is fitness their career choice, not just a “for now” job.
2) Does the trainer live the brand? They don’t have to be a professional runner or Mr. Olympia, but if you’re hiring a professional mentor, fitness should be a huge part of their own lifestyle.
3) Does the trainer map out a plan for you and explain the “why” for that plan? Every good plan (and exercise selection, really) should have a solid “why”. Otherwise it’s just arbitrary movement that will only burn a few calories at best.
4) Is your trainer on time and accountable to your scheduled time with them? A trainer must be INVESTED in your goal, and a true professional is reliable and dependable.
5) Is the trainer well-rounded? Most trainers will have specialities, but every trainer should be well educated in basic nutrition, program design for a variety of goals, and exercise modifications for a diverse clientele.
6) Does your trainer get excited for you and put energy into your session? Enthusiastic service shows the trainer is pumped for you and your progress.
This is not an exhaustive list, but as a trainer and a person who his hired and developed some of the best, I have seen these things in common in the most successful fitness pros.
I hope this list helps when searching for and choosing a trainer.
Matt Pirtle MA CSCS
Emerge Fitness Training