Different Thoughts on a Close Finish

“The great barrier is the mental hurdle.”
– Roger Bannister, first to run a sub 4 minute mile.
According to a South African scientist, if you don’t win, you’ve simply decided to lose.

Some interesting, but largely unproven, research by Tim Noakes basically says that fatigue is “governed” by the brain. It is nothing more than an emotion. An ILLUSION constructed by your mind.
Basically, fatigue and weakness are mindsets, and they can be overcome by deciding that these things do not exist.
Noakes says that,
“My unproven hypothesis is it is that in the case of a close finish, physiology does not determine who wins. Rather somewhere in the final section of the race, the brains of the second, and lower placed finishers accept their respective finishing positions and no longer choose to challenge for a higher finish.
According to this model, the winning athlete is the one whose illusionary symptoms interfere the least with the actual performance.
The winner is the athlete for whom defeat is the LEAST ACCEPTABLE rationalization.”
What do you think?
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