Al is hitting goals

Another awesome success story! Al texted me right before Memorial Day stating he wanted to try and accomplish the bench press, dead lift, and squat and reach 1,200lbs on all three lifts combined. I was up for the challenge and told him we would test after the holiday weekend. Well to both our surprises he tested on all three lifts that following week and sure enough hit 1,200lbs!! I stated to him “well, looks like we have a new goal”. We have only had 3 short weeks to work on his lifts to shoot for 1,300lbs minimum working off percentages each week due to him leaving for vacation. Therefore it’s easily stated he had his work cut out for him. What’s amazing is we tested this week starting with the squat, which we both believed to be the most impressive. We worked off a projected max of 450lbs on his squat, after he accomplished 400lbs on his test day! Not only did Al improve, he crushed it by hitting 520lbs on his squat!!! With the other two lifts we were able to reach 1,360lbs. Can’t tell you enough how much this pumps me up as his trainer/coach! Very proud of you my man!
Tyler M.