2016 Emerge Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics may be in Rio, but they are also happening right here at Emerge! Starting Saturday, August 6 and lasting until Thursday, August 18, clients will have the chance to be in the Emerge Olympics!
It will be broken into 3 “classes”: SmartFit, Bootcamp, and Personal Training. Within each class, there will be a Men’s and Women’s division. Each “class” will have a specific decathlon of events to complete before the “closing ceremony” on Thursday, August 18th. The 10 events DO NOT need to be completed in a single day; however, if all 10 events are not completed, then you will not qualify.
Each event will have a specific qualifying time or amount of weight to lift to complete the event. An event may be repeated in order to receive a better score. Once you have completed and qualified all 10 events, you will be entered into the Emerge Olympics drawing. The drawing will be taking place Friday, August 19th. We also will be keeping track of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each “class”.
You do not need to sign up for the Emerge Olympics, nor do you have to participate. All of the exercises for each “class” are designed for everybody, and they are designed to be treated as a friendly competition. If you are wanting to do it, tell your trainer.
For questions, you can contact Kimberly at Kimberly@emergefitnesstraining.com or Ben at benserangeli@emergefitnesstraining.com.
Are you ready?
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