Keep It Up Danny

I wanted to give some special recognition and big congrats to my client and friend Danny D. Danny is a nationally ranked professional table tennis player and 2 time state champion (hopefully soon to be 3 time). Danny came to me as a referral back in January looking to shed some unwanted weight that he had put on the previous year that was limiting his high level of performance. I told him from day one as long as he listened to exactly what I told him he needed to do that he would be successful both in the gym as well as on the court. I knew from day one I was training someone special. He has put in great amount of work in my program both during sessions and outside of here with his own workouts I had assigned him. It is by no accident that Danny has seen a significant change and improvement in both his body as well as his performance during competition. Danny’s level of speed, strength, agility and endurance have gone through the roof since implementing a program designed just for him. To date Danny has shed roughly 13 lbs. of body fat, dropped 6% body fat, added roughly 6 lbs of muscle and dropped inches everywhere that he has needed to. You have been a great joy to train and I am proud to call you my friend. When you get back to in the fall we will pick up where we left off and you will continue to get leaner, quicker, faster and stronger. Best of luck at your next competition in Vegas big guy!

Taylor D.