Speed and agility for youth athletes

Too often coaches focus on their athletes performing drills because it’s what they see others doing or because of the certain drill’s “wow factor.” Unfortunately, if the athlete does not possess the basic muscle strength and stability to perform the drill efficiently, and when over the top movements are encouraged over accuracy, the athlete is at a high risk of being injured and never truly progressing.
Tommy and Becca utilize a mix of stabilization, strength, and postural movements as well as agility progressions based on accuracy and efficiency to help them build the correct speed and power needed for their sports. Check out Tommy and Becca’s workout by clicking on the link: https://www.facebook.com/emergefitnesstraining/videos/10154381582014824/

For more information on speed and agility training contact Keelin Russell.
-Kee Russell, Ph.D., Head Cross Country and Track and Field coach, USAW-1