It’s a terrible moment.
The moment when you think you may have to stop doing something you enjoy due to injury.
Sometimes, it’s a hard fact of life.

Many times, there are other options…
Here, Drew performs a landmine RDL.
Performing an RDL with a barbell would leave Drew VERY uncomfortable for days.
This version is a fantastic exercise for those dealing with lumbar disc issues (for example, bulges and herniations).
With a strong core brace, Drew pulls the weight from the floor with his hips.
The path of the weight on the landmine delivers the load CLOSER to his body. And, the plate resting on the floor at the bottom temporarily unloads the back, relieving some of the shear on the spine.
Classic barbell RDLs are the thing of the past for Drew, but this variation works for him.
There is usually a way. Let us help you find it.
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