Persevere And Overcome
Yesterday, a woman who began her rehab journey at Emerge brought me a bracelet that says “PAO” on one side, and “Persevere And Overcome” on the other.
I have been working as part of a team in the rehabilitation process following hip procedures, particularly periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) and hip replacements for the last 4 years.

PAO’s are a major hip surgery for hip dysplasia which involves a fairly invasive operation to correct.
Nine days after surgery, I meet for the first time with the rehab candidate, who, on crutches and with help, make their way into Emerge
Dr. Matt Lytle and I have together brought over 20 recipients of the surgery from crutches to a return to activity with an accelerated rehab protocol.
The work has been some of the most rewarding and challenging in my 15 years as a health professional.
I love it.
For all the incredibly brave work by all of the rehab participants, and for anyone who has faced BIG adversity and has persevered, keep going.
It is not easy.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this incredible process!
Matt P.
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