Client spotlight: Bill

Bill came to me just under a year ago searching for relief due to back pain, sleeplessness, and nutritional guidance. During our first initial meeting I could tell there was a lot of hesitation on Bills face, due to the fact that this was the very first time he has ever walked into a gym. When we met we discussed a plan that would incorporate strength, flexibility, nutritional guidance, and let’s not forget relief from pain that he accrued from 4 back surgeries. The night we met I remember Bill wanting to think about it, but it was shortly after that we got started. I can’t even begin to tell you the exercises we did to get him mobile at first compared to where he is today it is like night and day! I wanted to take a minute and give him recognition not only because he’s 30lbs down, or pumping out 30 push-ups in a row without stopping, but I want to thank him for putting his trust in me and giving me the opportunity to work with him to get him where he is today! This past week alone he trained 1:1 with me twice and came to 2 bootcamps!! We have more ground to cover but it’s amazing that I get to work with people and see change in their lives in and out of the gym! Thank you Bill! Keep working hard and soon enough there will be more to brag about!

Tyler M