Stop Trying to be a one-stop Fit-Mart.

Stop trying to be Fit-Mart

One of the key “moments” I’ve had over the span of my involvement in the fitness industry was the realization that I should stop trying to be a one-stop fix all for my clients.

I was trying to be the Wal-Mart of fitness.

It’s convenient, but ineffective.

What I really needed to do was build a network of experts I could rely on as part of my team.

I had my hand in everything, not really having a true expertise in anything.

I obtained certifications in nutrition, performance training, corrective exercise and post rehab strength training.

I studied massage, stretching, manual muscle release, sprinting form, bodybuilding prep and Olympic weightlifting among other things.

I realized there wasn’t enough time in my life to become exceptional at ALL of these things.

So, I picked a couple that I liked (and had a little success with) and immersed myself in those.

For the others, I referred to “my guy” (or girl) in the field. I had my massage therapist, my soft tissue expert, my physical therapist, and my performance specialist.

These people became my team, and I was part of a group of individuals who were the best at what they did.

And my clients appreciated it.

Instead of getting average work (and spending some of their session time to get it) they received 100% of their time getting what I’m best at.

It makes you look smart and trustworthy, and you’ll have better results with your clients. And if you’re great at what you do, your network will refer their clients to you.

Moral of the story,

  1. Spend some time exploring everything.
  2. Identify what you like and are best at.
  3. Spend the bulk of your time getting great at those things.
  4. Build a network of experts who do everything else.

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