Relax and Enjoy Everything

Train hard. Eat good. Move More. Live a Little.

Ive come to something of an epiphany as of late concerning my own health and fitness philosophy.

Truth be told, this thought has been incubating for some time, ive just been hesitant to fully accept it.

We have all been inundated, especially in the last five years or so, with the ultra healthy lifestyle message. Social media, mass media, gym selfies and billboards reinforce the message.

At first, it was a good message. Eat clean most of the time. Eat a lot of clean protein for strength. Eat a lot of veggies for health. Drink a lot of water. Use supplements to add to your diet what you’re deficient in.

The message was to move more. Do some resistance training. Walk or do something to elevate your heartrate a few times per week.

Those are pretty good messages, but they weren’t sexy enough.

Since then, the message has morphed.

Don’t poison your body ever with less than perfect health food. Don’t eat for taste. Don’t drink calories. Enjoy that bag of celery and accept your bland fate because its healthy.

Also, do more than more. Never take a day off. Winners don’t quit, they do more. Your friends are your lifting buddies. Your favorite hangout should be the gym. Your world should be devoted to your next workout.

Your enjoyment in life should be training, eating for training, sleeping and recovery so you can train again.

For what?

Most of the time, training is done with a goal in mind.

Sometimes, it’s to better your performance in a sport or recreational activity.

But most of the time the goal, in my opinion, should be to increase the quality of your life.

I’m going to say it.

Eating is more than fueling your body. Eating is and should be pleasureable. Sometimes, that should include things you like. I mean things you REALLY like.

Training is rewarding and fun, and sometimes its grueling and difficult.

Here’s a secret, you can love training AND love other things, too. Even BAD things, sometimes. You may even like to do somethings that aren’t getting you any gains in the gym.

So what.

The whole idea of fitness, again, is to IMPROVE the quality of your life. Even if that means looking and feeling better when you’re being occasionally “bad.” Fitness is a supplement, a way to a better life, but its not an end in itself.

Take days off. Occasionally, take a week off. Have some “light” days in the gym.

Ignore social media and the pressure to be “always on.” No matter what people try to project, nobody is always on.

Training your body and eating healthy are just components of a happy, quality life. Enjoying other aspects of what life has to offer, even if they are on the proverbial “bad” list keeps life interesting and enjoyable.

Train hard. Eat good. Move more. Live a little.