Jack and Jill went up the hill…


Because they had a goal!

And would they let a little hill stop them?

F*** no!

They wanted some water, so they CRUSHED that hill!

Yeah, this is pretty much where we are right now in the fitness business. At least as far as the fitness motivation material that gets popular circulation goes.

Most of our “experts” deliver passionate speeches and blogs packed with bad info and corny messages because this is what gets attention.

Have you ever heard an f bomb laden rant from one of these folks? I must admit, I do get a bit riled up by listening to these tirades.

Then I think about what they said.

I recount the words their mouths spoke.

And I hate myself for falling for this obvious pandering for my attention. Most of the time, there is almost zero intelligent substance, and if there is, it’s PAINFULLY unoriginal.

Motivation is a huge part of fitness, for both getting started and then maintaining a fitness program. And if you’re into passionate speeches, that can be great for motivating you to move.

Motivation, both from internal and external sources, is helpful in sustaining a focus on your ultimate goal.

But can’t you have that AND solid, usable information, too? Is it that you can be passionate, or knowledgeable, but not both? Is it possible to be original and inspiring at the same time?

Based on most of what’s out there, it makes me wonder if the answer is no.

I have encountered, on rare occasions, extremely heartfelt and relevant and smart motivational fitness (and life) speeches and articles. I believe the fitness industry needs more of this.

I need more of this.

A handful of people who already work out 5 days a week may be motivated to work out 6 days a week from a bro-style rant. The other 90% of folks who really need the motivation to change their lifestyle will be offput by this…a reverse motivation affect.

While it is true that different folks are motivated by different things, I believe AT LEAST the information should be original, relevant, and intelligently delivered.Here is a good example of this:


Emerge client and adaptive fitness inspiration also has some good stuff out there:


These are my opinions and observations. Nothing more. Thanks for reading, as always!

It’s your turn. Emerge.

Matt Pirtle MA CSCS