Once upon a time on January 1st….

It’s that time of year.

The magical, almost mythical time when resolutions are made with conviction. Conviction that, “this time, I’m gonna see it through.”

And that’s the end of the story. You all know the typical end.

Fitness and health (weight loss) are probably the most common goals set as a New Years resolution. They are also, like most others, abandoned after a short time of high motivation followed by a realization that “this goal is going to take some real work to achieve.”


Real, consistent, hard work on something that is new to you.

Out of your comfort zone.

The uncharted territory.

Confounding this situation is the over-abundance of fitness messages that bombard you non stop during this time of year.

“Do only this. Don’t do that! You thought avocados were healthy, think again!”

So not only are you going on a journey into unknown lands, all the maps tell you to go in different, sometimes opposite directions.

It’s enough to stop a journey short, or worse, before it even begins.

I know I have my philosophies on health and fitness and I am not afraid to share them. But my thoughts are not the end-all-be-all of fitness.

I know there are many roads leading to the same place. Some roads are more comfortable to some people. Some roads are longer but have a pleasant, scenic drive. Some are short and intense.

But there are many roads, many ways to your ultimate goal.

Choose a path and go. Don’t be paralyzed by competing fitness “knowledge.”

Ask yourself, “What am I most comfortable with right now?” Is it a living room DVD yoga session? Jumping in with a buddy at his CrossFit gym? Hiring a personal trainer or just taking a few laps around the block at work?

Pick something. And do it. Just start to move.

The route you choose may be exactly right for you. Or you may change it to suit your needs.

Just move.

Don’t let conflicting fitness messages that can be overwhelming at this time of year keep you from doing something that could change your life.

It’s your journey. Pick a path and begin.

Matt Pirtle MA CSCS