Below are listed the events for the Gateway Responders Competition! There are five events that we will be using to accumulate each person’s scores. In some of the events, there are differences between the competitive and recreation divisions, such as the amount of weight being used, to make sure that this competition is something that everyone can participate in, no matter your fitness level!  In the event of a tie, there is also a tie breaker event. The weights of tires and sledgehammers are still to be determined and we will make this known as soon as possible. Pay attention to the Emerge Facebook and Instagram pages as demonstrations of each event are posted to help you prepare! Good luck and may the most fit responder win!


Events for Gateway Responders Competition

  1. Bench Press

Competitive Division: AMRAP Men: 100% bodyweight on bar, Women: 50% bodyweight on bar. Score based on how many complete repetitions are completed before failure.

Recreational Division: AMRAP Men: 75% bodyweight on bar, Women: 25% bodyweight on bar. Score based on how many complete repetitions are completed before failure


The lifter must lie on his/her back with shoulders and buttocks in contact with the flat bench surface. The lifter’s hands may grip the bar with a “thumbs around” grip.  Note: The use of the “reverse grip” or a thumb-less grip on the bench is strictly prohibited. The lifter’s shoes must be in contact with the floor. This position shall be maintained throughout the attempt. The head may rise off the bench or move during the performance of the lift. To achieve firm footing, the lifter may use flat surfaced bumper plates to build up the surface of the platform. The spacing of the hands shall not exceed 81 centimeters between the forefingers. In other words, the index finger must completely cover the 81 cm. ring. The bar will not be allowed to bounce off the chest and must be controlled to touch at the sternum. Each repetition must conclude with arms fully extended to be counted.


  1. Pull-up

Competition Division: AMRAP Men and Women: bodyweight

Recreational Division: As long as possible dead hang, Men and Women: bodyweight


The pull-up must be performed as a strict pull-up, beginning in the dead hang position, palms facing away (overhand grip), arms fully extended. The top of the movement must conclude with the chin above the bar. No kipping will be allowed. For those competing in the recreational division, the dead man hand position must be performed with arms fully extended and palms facing away, in the overhand grip position.


  1. Tire Deadlift into Max Box Jumps

Competition Division: AMRAP of tire deadlifts within a minute, moving instantly into as many box jumps until failure. The number of deadlifts and jumps will be combined for the score. Tire weight for the men and the women are to be determined, and heights of boxes as to be determined.

Recreational Division: Same procedure as competitive division with the weights of tires and the heights of the boxes scaled appropriately for the men and women.

Rules: Each repetition of the deadlift must be completed with the knees in a locked, straight position and the shoulders back in order to be counted for the score. Jumps must be concluded with each foot landing on the box or landing platform and the individual standing with knee locked in a straight position and shoulders back.


  1. Tire flips and sledgehammer slams.

Competitive Division: Flip a tire 10 yards and then complete ten sledges to the tire (five on each side of the body). Repeat the tire flipping and sledging for two minutes. Score will be based on how many yards the tire had been flipped. Weight of tire and sledgehammer to be determined for the men and women.

Recreational Division: Same procedure as the competitive division, with the weight of the tire and sledgehammer scaled appropriately for the men and women.


  1. Run and Tourniquet

Competitive Division: Run a full lap around Emerge (about 400 meters), drag a dummy 10 yards, and apply a tourniquet to the dummy correctly. Men: Sub 3 minutes and 15 seconds=15 points, above 3 minutes and 15 seconds=5 points. Women: Sub 4 minutes= 15 points, above 4 minutes=5 points.

Recreational Division: Run a “half” lap (about 150 meters), drag a dummy 10 yards, and apply a tourniquet to dummy correctly. Men: Sub 1 minute 30 seconds=15 points, above 1:30= 5 points. Women: Sub 2 minutes= 15 points, above 2 minutes: 5 points.


Tie breaker: In the case of a tie, the competitors involved will compete in a full lap sprint around the Emerge Fitness facility. This distance is slightly longer than 400 meters (1 lap around a track).


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