I felt like the trash man. Every new fitness trend I tossed in the garbage.

Nowadays, there are SO MANY options when it comes to being involved in a fitness program.

I see a new fitness trend popping up every month.

And being in the fitness industry, my first reaction to these new trends is to scrutinize.


But mostly criticize.

It’s seems like the popular answer to fitness is “new” rather than “better.”

So, instead of working on moving better (which leads to looking and feeling better), fitness has found new ways of moving badly in repetitive patterns…

All in the name of burning calories in a novel way.

And that’s the trend.

How many calories can I burn in a given amount of time in a way that I’m not yet bored with?

The fitness snob in me sneers at this idea with a smug and audible “pfft.”

And then I really think about what’s happening, taking myself out of my position within the industry.

And I feel like a demotivating POS for being that kind of snob.

If fitness Trend A motivates someone who needs fitness in their life to START, then that’s a wonderful thing.

Moving is (almost*) always better than doing nothing.

Condemning someone for starting the “wrong”

fitness program is like faulting someone who is trying to clean up their diet for buying the wrong brand of almond flour.

The point is, a change is being made, and that should be encouraged.

If the exerciser sticks with it, they will likely filter out the trends for something more substantial down the line.

So I’m done with the wholesale trashing of new fitness trends.

And now this side note:

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING beginning a new fitness program, I do ask that you consider one thing.

Exercise should have a purpose.

Is the SOLE purpose of your exercise routine to burn calories? And if so, consider this

  1. A very intense “cardio” style workout will burn about 500–600 calories per hour.
  2. Two slices of pizza has the same calories.
  3. It takes 10 minutes to smash 600 calories.
  4. The calories game, Movement v. Food, is almost impossible to win.

So why exercise?

Move with a clearly defined purpose.

A smart exercise plan improves lives through:

1)increasing strength

2)improving posture and movement

3)improving looks and “tone” of muscle tissue

4increasing energy and vitality

5)Which leads to a greater propensity to move more, which BURNS CALORIES!

Like I’ve said to so many clients over the years, “if you’re just here to burn calories, I’ll strap you to the treadmill and come get you in an hour.”

Most decide they want a little more than that.

It’s your turn. Emerge.

Matt Pirtle MA CSCS