Running Performance

Running Performance

What is the secret of Kenya’s dominance in distance running? Group training and accountability. Kenyans have long trained in groups. Surrounding yourself with other runners who want to improve influences everyone in the group to push past previous limits. Get some of your friends motivated and sign up for group speed sessions. It’s cheaper and more fun! Each member will have his or her own paces provided along with the workout. Get your group to meet early in the morning or after the workday – your choice.


  • 1-hour sessions at local track, hill, or trail
  • Individualized/paced workout
  • Post workout assessment/feedback
  • Suggested meet 1-2/week

Trainer Spotlight

Jaime Burrows

Phone: 636-757-3726

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Beachbody certifications in Turbokick and Insanity, Les Mills certifications in CX WORX, GRIT Series, BODYCOMBAT

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