5 weeks down… 3 1/2 to go… It's all downhill from here… Kind of.

It took me 5 full days to recover from eating dairy.  My allergies were insane all week.  Congested, sore throat, and I was coughing up phlem nonstop (gross, I know).  But Saturday I finally started feeling better.  I will admit though, my workouts were either crap or non existent the past week.  It was exhausting just doing daily stuff.  No excuse, I know.

Due to my lack of exercise, my weight plateaued for the week.  I’m ok with it. I know my sodium has been rediculously high and my activity was minimal.  It will change this week.

I have started to eat out more the past week.  I have stuck to my diet, but talk about temptation… I went to Outback twice.  And I had to stare at the bread twice… The hot, yummy bread.  I won’t lie.. I was hoping that those who were eating it “accidently” cut their finger while slicing the bread.  BUT> The main thing is, I didn’t eat the bread. I stuck to the diet. Yay me.

I went to Qdoba for lunch Friday.  I eyed the sour cream.  All I wanted was a little something extra on my “naked burrito”.  Nope.. Just meat, salsa, veggies, and lettuce… It was satisfying but OH SO SALTY…

Last night, I went to Texas Roadhouse in O’Fallon (It’s better than the one in St. Charles.. Just a side note).  For the first time in 5 weeks, I felt like crying at the sight of food.  I had to eye not only the scrumptious hot rolls and the dangerously amazing honey cinammon butter, but also fried pickles.. I had unsweetened ice tea and am empty plate in front of me while  I had to sit across the table and watch the rolls and pickles be consumed. I wanted to cry because I couldn’t eat any of it.  I watched baskets of those darn things keep going by… The smell was enough to make me want to crawl under the table and hide.  Luckily my food came quickly. The ONLY two things that kept me disciplined was #1… I kept saying to myself, “You’ll be in a calorie defecit rather than a surplus after this meal.” and #2… I looked around… I saw people eating baskets upon baskets of the rolls, and salads with cheese and ranch dressing.  I saw burgers go by and fries and desserts.. But I noticed that 80% of the people in the restaurant were overweight or obese… I had to tell myself that is the difference between me and them.. I could eat that too if I wanted to be overweight, but that would make me more unhappy much longer than this one meal would last.  So I survived. 

Today, I went back to Texas Roadhouse… I didn’t have the rolls.. But I split an order of the fried pickles… I won’t lie, they were very satisfying.  I was content afterwards… No regrets… But I don’t want them anymore. That one time is plenty for me.

Friday I went on a baking craze and  I made a few of my “regular paleo” recipes, but then I attempted a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Now, I’ll be honest, they are no Mrs. Fields cookies, by any means, but they are soft and fluffy and they do give the satisfaction that I ate something to kill my cookie craving. 

Speaking of cravings, I thought by now, I’d crave pizza, or lasagna, or ice cream or something.  Not at all.  Today, I said of all things I wanted at this moment, was a diet coke.  Just a quick trip fountain Diet Coke with crushed ice… That’s it… I didn’t get it.. I went with unsweetened ice tea…

I booked the hotel for my trip to Kansas City which begins the day I conclude with my “60 day challenge.” It kind of recharged my batteries, making me focus on the fact that I only have 3 1/2 weeks… 25 days left… I can do this easily.  BUT> I need to work on cutting down on my “sugars” (I’ve been consuming a lot of honey and raisins) and nuts and sodium.  BACK to meat and veggies… And frankly, I’m getting tired of meat… I really am… I never thought that I would, but it’s getting old.  There were two nights last week that I skipped dinner altogether because I’d rather eat nothing than choke down another bite of roast or chicken… I’ll snap out of it…

Here’s to a new week, with better decisions…
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness Training

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